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Just wanted to post a pic of a fish my wife got a couple weeks ago on our black lake trip.  I have become convinced that a state record swims there.  My brother got one many years ago that had a good chance but back than i had no idea what the record was and the pic is not digital.  the last few years I have not been able to get on the water as much as I want to on this trip as it is difficult for a single person to take care of our special needs child alone for to long.  I have taken to fishing off the cliff there and have put togather an entertaining way to fish for these things.  I use a live bluegill and dangle it straight down with its back out of the water so it splashes around.  this leads to punishing surface strikes that you hear from a ways away and if you happen to see the fish coming in you can watch it toy with a bait before inhailing it.  Wish i had a video this fish circled the bait for 10 mins and swated at it 3 times plus touched it with his nose another half dozen.  there was a broken off bobber floating next to the cliff that it kept going to look at.  This all happend 10 feet below where we were standing on the cliff in about 2 feet of water within 5 feet of the cliff edge.  It didnt make the record but weighed in ant 9.59lbs and was released the my wife wouldnt get within two feet of the fish as i held it because it kept snapping.  if you look at my hand under its head you get an idea of its width those that have seen big ones up close know what i mean it spanned the width of my hand and I am not a small person.  Just wanted to  share this was a great memory with my wife.  My niece was up there with us and my daughter on the blanket as well.  It was a good day.post-144635-0-59568100-1438910699_thumb.jpg


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