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Sub troll 900


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I recently bought a sub troll 900, now that it arrived I don't wanna set it up wrong. If anyone could send me pics of how they set it up from hooking it to the downrigger ball all the way to the downrigger its self would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much !!

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If you go on their site there is an illustration on setting it up. Make sure you have the coated cable running thru the antenna which is secured to the rigger boom. Attach the probe to your rigger cable and the short wire cable (should have come with the unit) attaches to the probe and then your weight attaches to the short cable. Make sure your unit has power, drop the weight and start fishing.

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Lets see if this helps.


Obviously, you first spool the coated line onto your rigger.     Not sure if the new units come with the "new" Klincher kit or not, so I'm including a link to a site you can purchase spare parts for the

subtroll.    Scroll down a bit (22 items) and there it is.   (It comes with easy to follow directions for attaching it).




Once spooled, feed the coated line through the wire pick up (picture 1 shows pick up zip tied to rigger boom), then through the pulley wheel and then attach to the clincher kit.   (Again, 

not sure what they include at this time for attaching a clip to the end of the coated wire).


2nd picture is just how I secured the co axial cable to my rigger boom.


3rd picture is the "Klincher Kit" I used.   


4th picture is my break away leader set up...


Included in the kit is your break away 80# leader kit.    I used the crimps they include initially, but I apparently didn't crimp them well enough, as I had one end of the wire pull

right through the crimps one day.   Luckily, it happened in the boat and I didn't lose anything.    Because of this, I ended up buying terminal ends for general use on downriggers from 

Gander Mt.   I use the clip supplied with the break away kit.    Far more secure than the two (in my opinion) wimpy crimps supplied with the break away leader.   (The top one was crimped 

better, and has held up, so I haven't changed it over yet, I would recommend just buying two terminal ends and skipping the crimps all together).


5th picture is the white dot on the probe itself.   This is the "top" of the probe, and it is what you attach to the clip at the end of your coated wire.


6th picture shows entire set up.    At the very top is the "Klincher Kit" then the probe (white dot on top) attached to the clip.   On the bottom of the probe is the break away leader, and then obviously

the weight.


7th picture is just the cable running from the pick up wire, to the display.


Hope this helps.   If you have other questions, I would be happy to help.   






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Glad to help.   I think Canon is the brand of terminal ends I use for the break away leader.   If you don't find them at Gander, try Dicks, or Field and Stream (not sure where you live.   In Rochester 

all 3 are within 2 miles of each other).    You can probably use one of them at the end of the coated wire as well if you don't want to order the "Klinker" online.


West Marine has a kit with 6 ends in it as well....



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