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Our Olcott weekend

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Started inside on Thursday. 180 to 220 fow seemed to hold the best bait and marks. Worked it there and boated a few smaller salmon and a few teenagers 10 to 15 lbs along with a few steelhead, Lost our 2 big rips. Had decent action and we felt just ok about it. That evening we did about the same. 1 big rip and some smaller players. Friday morning we started in there and after an hr we ran north to the 27 line. Boated a mature king right away. Worked that area over several times with nothing else. We made a call to run more north and east and just try and luck into a pod and find our own fish. Well we did just that! Set up about the 30 / 50. Did a 1 hr slide and boated 3 matures and lost 2 with a steelhead also. Headed in mid day with smiles and a few sore arms. Back out to our numbers in the evening and it was game on again. Boated 3 more big salmon and a few steelhead with a few lost in a 3 hr trip.  Saturday morning my wife and I stayed back but 2 boats out of our group made the run out back to our spot. 1 boat boxed out on 6 matures by 1 and the other boated 3 and lost a few with some steel action. Sat evening trip 2 of our boats ran out and no one caught a fish? That's fishing.  So Sunday morning was our last shot. we only fished till 10;30 because of the ride back home to Ohio. We finished with 3 mature kings, 1 teenager, and a giant steelhead. about 13 lbs. What a trip!!! Think we caught 1 maybe 2 kings on a spoon and a few steelhead all weekend all boats. It was a flasher n fly bite for sure. Green paddle and green flys and white spinny n green flys were best by far. Blue dolphin fly was really good. 300 copper was good at times I was snapping on a 2 oz after the copper then 100 more then a board. !0 color leadcore then a 6 oz then 50 to 100 also took huge rips. 60 to 90 on the riggers and our wire divers took plenty of fish as well. At times slower was better. @.2.3 to 2.5 we took a lot of big fish. Mostly on the paddles. I think they are more speed dependent than a spin doctor no? Hell one boat while about to net a big king took another shot going only 1.8 on top speed. Felt great to search and find our own fish. We even had several charters out on our numbers Sunday morning along with others. I guess it was hard to keep our mouths shut. Hell for a bunch of walleye fishing Ohio boys we were just so dang thrilled and excited we couldn't help it. Those salmon are AWESOME!

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great report.Ill have to try a blue dolphin fly,my boat is the Blue Dolphin,lol

Say I fish west of sodus.Having a good here this year for kings and big trout,lots of high teen lakers and browns also.Ive had good luck on chrome green ad white green dots with mirage flys and spoon ,frog and king of kings mag.

I fish alone aloft,me and the dog,one get thing i get to catch all the fish,lol

The dog loves the boat.I was having some health concerns but put her in again.Glad i did best medicene today,fishing.

The dog is alott happier also.lol

Ome thing I'd love to try is lake Erie for walleyes

Good fishing

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