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I went out of Oswego.. Went out to over 300 FOW. Put the riggers at 100. I kept catching little rainbow trouts.. Most of the time they wouldn't pull the line from the down riggers so I wouldn't even know they were on there unless I check every so often.. Am I doing something wrong? Should I be deeper? Should I set the riggers deeper? Why am I catching the little guys and nothing bigger?

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Went out Sunday, got one king about 12 lbs and one over 20 lbs. Big fish was way out of temp in 120 ft of water. Smaller one was in 145 ft down 120. Thank you all for posting on this thread ! It was a huge contributing factor in my catching fish.

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South and s0 east wind has brought lots of colder water into the bay. . Temps were getting higher in the water column this morning. Just before noon when I headed in,It was 50 degrees down 60 feet in 85 fow near the plant.

 Fished solo and went 1 for 2 mid/morning on mid /upper teens kings. Bronze, getting dark, male with a rock hard empty stomach...

(sorry about this line through my words).

Good luck to all.

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Deff no mother load in the bay, we need a west wind to bring that. Was 2-4 today before the SSE winds got brutal. Temp was around 55' down in 85'. Lots of skippys around, need to be checking rods every 15 mins. Back out tomorrow, will see what this blow does tonight. Good Luck

Capt Rich

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