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$40 is not bad, to get in the Southtown walleye turny on Erie it cost at least $55, & top prize is only $5K. second prize is $3K. Then if you want to try to win other $$ it cost $10-$15 more on top of it! You are forced to join their club & the only benefit it a monthly news letter with nothing in it but advertisements. jmo

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I would fish with wife this year team up with two friends . wife and I would stay at a hotel for a week now get a camp site for Saturday night 10 to 15 bucks . I making out big time not taking wife to dinner buying her beer keeping her in junk food for boat and me getting **** at 40 bucks iam in lol

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Ladies and gentlemen,

Not sure where you are getting your information from but there has been exactly ONE price increase in 7 years. It went from $25 to $30 in 2008 and I raised it from $15 to $20 for a one day pass and $30 to $40 for an individual derby after last falls event.

There has never been anything even close to a 60% price increase, ever. Maybe someone saw the fees for the one day pass and got them mixed up.

With the price increase there was a substantial increase in the daily prize structure for all events. It went to $1100 a day in the Spring and $1500 per week in the summer.

In the Fall LOC, it used to be $300 a day, now it's $900 a day, $500 for salmon and $200 each for brown and Rainbow. That's $15,300 in daily cash awards for this Fall's event, quite an increase.

For the fall event it costs less than $2.23 per day for the 18 days. There is $65,800 cash and over $6500 in merchandise prizes up for grabs. With a Grand prize of $25,000 do you really want to be fishing the Great Lake and NOT be in?

David Chilson

LOC Derby

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It's even a better deal if you just entered for the whole season all at once. I know some people just have better things to spend there money on but I register when I get my tax refund back. It's pretty much a bonus cause I get the refund which is a plus in this state as it is

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