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eyes between the cat and dunkirk


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Went out yesterday out of SP headed toward the cat. Fished 70-78fow from about 530p to 1030p. Took one eater, and a 4-5lber. Eater came on black and purple harness 100 back off downrigger on the bottom. Other was on 5 core, black and silver rapala. Took a perch on a harness as well and many took our worms. Not the most action but it was a beautiful night out there.

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Dunkirk off Van Buren between 88 and a 100ft. Deeper was a little more promising as far as marks caught 1 stealhead one laker 4 eyes in about 3.5 hrs. Dipsey 160 back black and purple harness. Also believe we got one on a eight and took a good whack on a ten color. We did drop a few.

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