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I-Bay 8/15 with new boat to me

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Started east of the bay in 70ft good screen just not hungry.  Proceeded east past hedges and worked out to 150ft.  Then the left rigger fires 8lb brown 84 down on a chartruse slim silver streak.  Went another 1/2 mile then turned around and middle rigger fires 22lb king 94 down on Carbon 14.  10 Minuets later left rigger again 6lb atlantic.  Kept the west troll boated 6 lake trout and call it a day. 


Took the new boat to me out today after a new engine and 45 days of work on in it (Still working on it) the "Fly-n-Fish" is ready for the Big O.  She is a 24' Osprey Expedition pilot house. 



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Love the Ospreys.  Congrats. :yes:  :yes:  :yes:   Which model and length?  That boat looks perfect for lake Ontario.  Plenty of room to walk a long leader dipsy fish to a waiting net.

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