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Fished the past 3 days with my brother and his buddy Captain Les from Mt Pleasant, SC.


Thursday- after the airport pickup, headed straight out to fish, lines in at 1pm.  Ran down to the 38 line west and setup in 150fow on North troll, saw some bait and random fish, one bite but nothing significant so we continued north to the 24 line and ran into a nice pod of smaller mature males, we worked them until about 7pm and boated 5 plus a few steelhead in the mix.  Riggers at 80 and 100', wire divers with super slims at 200' were the ticket.  bait and random fish were pretty consistent in the area.


Friday morning- we were gretted by some sloppy 2-4' seas at 7am setup back on the 24 line. I could only do an easterly troll until about 9:30am when the NW ground swell subsided and wind back off a bit, but it was slow bite for us, we pretty much drifted down to the 30-31 West line 24/25.5 north... sporadic action on matures and two year olds... mainly mag wire divers with sipn doctors at 200-220' for us.  All in all a pretty slow day until we pulled at 3pm, went like 5-10... a lot of bait and some random fish throughout the area that was moving fast.


Saturday morning set lines back near our Thursday wyapoint and had a quick laker and steelhead but then nothing, we worked the area over and realized that we had a bunch of bait but no fish marks, so we pointed her north at 9am with a comitment not turn until we found somehting or hit the 30 line....we made it 29.6N and the 400 copper went singing....tx-66 under water and the Tekota800 quickly losing backer... we managed turn and corral the beast and then it was game on for my brother.... 20 minutes later we had a nice 23lb male on deck.  We reset and looped the waypoint and the copper went singing again with Les on the rod... same drill and 20 minutes later we had a nice 25lb female on deck... reset and began to clean up some fish to call it day and the 10 color core took off... that ended up as a 21lb male for me... turned out to be a great day... 29.6-29.8N x 34W.... nice long ride back in but flat calm seas and 29MPH was a pretty sweet run! 


Captain Les went home with a pair of 54quart coolers to baggage check this morning filled with vacuum sealed salmon... so we was stoked!  Too bad I cannot be out there today!


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