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Hughes 8-16-15


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Admiral Byrd and I launched from the marina at 6 AM and fished until 3:15 PM. On the way to the marina we discussed strategy and decided to start shallower than usual and put lines down in under 100  ft of water  and went west. We were focused (as usual) on kings but decided we'd explore the near bottom in the 100-120 range and marked fish and bait near bottom scattered over that range so we stayed with it despite risking of being mud chicken farmers. In just a few minutes Bob had a strong hit on the flasher/fly and it immediately started taking line like there was no tomorrow screaming out the drag with a nice king on it and after a minute of so the line went slack and Bob pulled in his wire minus a spin doctor and fly  the leader separated. I should have said "Gee Bob and that leader was only three years old and you didn't really get all your moneys worth I guess" (Mr. Frugal") :lol: . This would repeat itself again a bit later - same scenario lost spinney and fly.....that kinda got to Bob and he grudgingly broke out the new leader material for some strange reason...spoons on the riggers were pretty dead today despite a lot of changes.


I then had a shot on the wire rig with a spinney with one of my home made flies and after a pretty good tussle got in a big fat laker about 15 plus pounds, followed a while later by another couple browns and we both lost a couple fish that were only on briefly and Bob pulled in another laker. Most of the others on the radio were fishing much deeper and reported it was very slow. The afternoon was pretty much a total zip but Bob had a lot of fun  (earning his new nickname Mr. Twister") untangling his tackle numerous times and practicing  his language skills  that would have required bleeps elsewhere :lol: We had a good time and got to bust each other mercilessly and that is what it is all about anyway.






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Very nice I went out of sod us yesterday with my brother his girlfriend and a buddy of mine we set up in a100 flow of water trolled out too 500 and back got a couple of small kings one of meat the other on flusher fly lost a Lakers on a mag moonshine carbon 40 and got a small steel head on a wonder bread spoon

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