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Went out of Olcott head out to 400fow trolling 40-65 fow spin doctor crushed mtn dew and alewife mag spoon 45ft. Down on the rigger it gets smashed makes a few runs then really put it in high gear and took it down to the backing and snapped the line. I was in the process of clearing lines the line wrapped around the dipsey rod we run it feed it through the eyelets and I tied it back on. Thinking I'd maybe get some of my braid back or my setup well after two cranks, boom she's still on there. Handed it back to my dad and he landed this 38" 25 pound king with eggs in her and a 3ft Lamprey we cut up. But I wish I had this on video was absolutely one of the craziest redemptions I've had.

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405 fow straight out of olcott 2 days later with a green dot spindoctor with a green dot spoon ...nothing new caught my first king this way but this must b the husband 25.5 male

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We were in 480ish yesterday. We got 4 juvenile kings and 4 or 5 shakers.

Riggers down 60 got 2 or 3 of the juvenils. The other was on a on a 6 color with a orange stick bait.

Late morning we fished 100 and pulled a nice laker off the bottom on a spoon and more shakers.

Heading offshore around 3:00 pm

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