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Helix 5 fishfinder


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I actually have a new Helix 5 coming today!


Hopefully I get to use it this weekend and I'll try to write up a report ...


On the bottom thing - are referring to trolling?  It's really just all feel, comes with experience...  somebody else might be able to describe it better, but a tough thing to articulate...

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I bought a helix in July to replace my 798 in the bow of my boat and sent it back. it is not networkable so i did not work for my setup.

I did add an 1199 KVD to the Transom this year and i love it. I use the dash mounted Onyx for Nav and the 1199 to find abit and fish.

it is great when you can see it at a glance watching the rods, i put it on a Ram mount so i can be adjusted out of the way.

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