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Got out Sunday morning with my good friend Dan(Jr). Out of the pier walls and headed NE and set up. Riggers, dipseys, 400 copper and 10 core. Mainly green/chartreuse spin doctors and paddles with hammer flies. The core with spoon and never moved, the rest of rods had plenty of action. Fished from 100 FOW out to 300 FOW, inside water seemed to be the best, 125-175. Good temp down below, 48 to 52. East troll also worked well, back West was a little slow. We had a pair of doubles and one triple, we ended up going 15 for 16, all lakers. Not one salmon.





post-139496-0-18631500-1439930455_thumb.jpg post-139496-0-18526700-1439930464_thumb.jpg post-139496-0-07251900-1439930471_thumb.jpg

post-139496-0-98427900-1439930485_thumb.jpg post-139496-0-45390700-1439930497_thumb.jpg post-139496-0-35958800-1439930508_thumb.jpg

post-139496-0-56890400-1439930533_thumb.jpg post-139496-0-06423700-1439930546_thumb.jpg

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Was a great day buddy!  Seems like the norm to wade through the lake trout to find the kings.  Crazy how we were trolling a king spread at king speed and still pounding the lakers.  No complaints when the rods are moving!  Thanks for the trip my friend!

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way to go steve and dan! i'm getting the boat ready and should be on my way to sandy in about an hour!!!


nice to see dan and his "point the fish at the camera" pic!!!



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