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Ronald Allen Sellers

8/18 trolling

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Got out at about 1:30 bright,sunny and hot. Set lines and finally started marking at 20+ instead of on the bottom. Checked everything for weeds and decided to set the Downrigger at 21 ft with a short set back and outer lines at 20 ft. About 2:00 the Downrigger fires I shut the kicker off and immediately the outer line started to scream, had a double. My wife has a hard time pulling the set up out of the orca rod holder so I set down the Downrigger pole to release the other rod and get both ready to reel. The Downrigger bite pulled down hard as hell and came off after about a 30 second fight. After I lose the fish I look to see my wife's rod pumping like crazy and then fish gone. It was weird having a double with the rigger pole about 35 ft away from the boat while the other line was just over 200 ft away. I should have just focused on the initial bite instead of trying to deal with both oh well. Then it got kind of dark and downpoured, after that most marks went deep again and no more bites. Daytime trolling is on at Otisco with no worries about getting taken out at dark which has happened to me twice now, and I don't scare easily. Didn't see any other trollers either.

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