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9.9 force motor

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So it is a    2008   9.9   Force?????

Do you have a serial number?

I always thought that Mercury discontinued the force line in 1998.

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Yea, I have a 15hp force and its a 1999, I thought Merc. Bought force because mine the carb went bad the shaft that controls the fuel-air mixture wore the hole in the top, they tried to put a bushing in but that failed also, to make a long story short I put a new carb on and it was merc. Carb.. I was told by our local marina who is the Merc. supplier for other dealers in NE. PA., but they were going to slowly fade out the Force units. I bought this motor at Sears for $275.00. It was a show model with scratches all over the hood.

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I could be wrong I never checked the serial number I got a book with it that says 08 and it says merc marine on it

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That's the book,not the engine.

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