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LOC Weight Station Closing Hour Requirement?

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I understand that they are not paid. I always understood that the Summer Derby was, by weight station hours. But that the Agreed hours for the fall derby are 9AM - 8PM. Or am I misunderstanding this "rule" and it is strictly by the hours of the weight station.


10. Agrees that the Weigh Master must weigh in all fish entered in the LOC Derby at an official LOC Weigh Station on the day caught. Agrees to these weigh station hours: Summer Derby hours vary by weigh in station, PLEASE check with the weigh in station for hours. For the 2015 Fall Derby Weigh in hours are 9Am to 8PM August 21st to September 6th. September 7th, 9AM to 1:00PM. Derby Ends at 1:00.

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