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Double D @ Oak,I Bay and Sandy Report

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Fished the Oak 18th,19th and 21st,I bay 20th and Sandy 23rd


Aug 18th

fished solo 3 rods and couldn't find the fish.Finally at 11:25 when I got to the 32 line got a small steelhead on the rigger.Skunk was off and 20 minutes later boated a 20lb king on the dipsy KOS flash mag.Headed in shortly after as storms looked eminent.


 Aug 19th

Back at the oak solo cleared the break wall at 5:30 am and headed straight to my way point from the previous day. 10 minutes after I set lines the 45' rigger fires and a major peels off 500' of line heading to Canada. 20 minutes later I boated a 25 lb king. I took 3 more kings 8-13 lbs and 6 steelhead with a couple nice jumbos. ended the day 10 for 12.






Irondequoit Bay Aug 20th

Fished off Rochester today,very sporty out there but made it out to the 24 line and found some fish 6 for 6 with a 23lb King 5 steelhead with an nice 11 lb fish.
Stingray size frost bite took the king and 3 others and Bob Fuller custom paddle took the big buckeye and same patterned spoon another


Aug 21st back at the oak

Rough day at the oak 6 for 7. Two  skip kings the rest steelhead was out to 32.5 line and worked back in very sporty out there today.Was Hawaii like waves and rollers




Aug 23rd Sandy


Great day ran off shore east out of Sandy 32-33 line and we slaughtered them! 18 for 26 Kings and Buckeyes lost 3 absolute slobs, one cracked off the 30lb leader on the dipsy after burning out 550' of wire, another off the rigger went down hard and burned out so much line he ended up getting over my shot gun 400' copper that I had a pike bobber on.Free spooled the copper line, it was out 200 yards and he still found it and wrapped around it and came unbuttoned.
Still landed many kings up to 20 lbs and jumbo chrome. Frost Bite was the work horse along with FLT King of Sting flash also a few on wonderbread moonshine.Riggers,dipsys and 400 copper all working 




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