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Pretty cool stuff. Always a couple of special fish caught every year that we hear about on this site. That is definitely one of those fish, the kind you think about at night when you can't sleep or after days or weeks of tough fishing. Great job, would love to hear the story of the catch as well as what the angler chose to do with the fish.

Gambler, how old would that fish be?

I'm saying 50.

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Here's the story; We left the dock with a se wind of 25mph. These guy's were newbie's the big O so i thought i would warm them up with some laker bites. I started out in 160 with the nose into the wind. The lakers were chewing nicely and we just beached one when the other rigger goes off. Neil says to me the line is going out, and i say you have a good one he will give it up eventually. I un hook the other fish and ask neil are you gaining line yet? He says no. all nervous. I look at the reel and figure we have a salmon on the peanut. I have caught a hand full of them on this lure over the years. I fire up the other motor and maintain my position with a little reverse. The fish gets close and i have my rubber net like a dummy, seeing it's a big laker i scoop and it took all i could do to fit the fish in the net, then not to bend the handle. That bag on the net stretched about 3 ft like i never seen it. I thought it was around 25ish. All the big eye's of amazement were priceless. When we got back to the dock the more i looked at it the bigger it got hanging on the rack. The scale came out and i just about **** when i looked at it. I told him if you didn't mount his fish i am going too. Paul Adams is now mounting his fish for him.

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