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Oneida Lake Walleye fishing


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I'm going on my buddies boat tomorrow fishing for walleyes in Oneida lake.

Any tips on fishing for walleye on this lake. Never really fish this lake so any help would be greatly appreciated.





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have not fished oneida in a few years but we use to do good around Wantree island and also near the Rt 81 Bridge there is an area in there called the Dumping Grounds, we did good Drifting with worm harnesses and Jigs tipped with a small piece of Worm, Also there are some Giant Smallies in that lake, wich are fun, stop a local tackle shop out there and see if they have a cheap map of the lake, might Help, Good Luck and let us know how you do!

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My Mom was up from Florida and wanted to catch  a walleye. So we headed for Oneida. I did my normal trout thing. I started slow trolling sticks on the riggers and small spoons on the high dipsy's  and a leadcore down the chute with a worm rig. First fish was a walleye on #5 Rapala. second fish was walleye again #9 Rapala switched the dipsys to stick baits and spent the next 2 hours cleaning weeds and perch off the rigs. Changed some Rapals to #11 and still caught perch. My worm rig with a big fat night crawler never took a hit. I even added a bottom bouncer rig to make contact with the bottom. Most fish were 5 to 10 feet off bottom. I started catching fish at 36' and latter moved to 40' and was able to shake those damn perch. I started at 1.8 mph and ended the day at 2.5 to 2.8.  Fish stopped at around 10:30 with the high bright sun. Ended up with 4 walleye a bunch of perch and a couple white bas. After fishing the fingers the water seemed very dirty but we marked fish over the whole lake. Off to Lake "O" next week!   Wes 

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