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Twins get Rainbows for their birthday! 8/25

DJ 17

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My twins Kyleigh and Daniel turned 4 today. They wanted to go fishing on their birthday. A+.. I took my dad and "The Bandits" out on Cayuga.  We fished between Deans and Sheldrake.  I got half the spread out and was letting a dipsy out a little farther and it took off.  I get Daniel in front of me and told him to get after it.  The fish takes about 75-100 ft of line, then he finally gets a chance to reel.  We get it headed back our way and get it just behind the rigger lines and airborne she goes, dipsy, and all!  Luckily she misses the starboard rigger,and I slid the net under a 7.25#  Rainbow!!  It hit a mtn dew crush/holo tape SD with a MINION pro-am fly.  (Thanks Chris).


Kyleigh is up next and has a hit on the other dipsy but it shakes free, felt like a laker.  Set that back out and look up to see a rigger rod had fired and was headed back down!  Kyleigh steps up again, fights it like a little pro and lands her own 4# rainbow on a gold perch. So now its smiles all around :)


I was changing out a lure on the starboard leadcore when I hear the drag scream on the port board pulling a 10 color and a gold perch.  Daniel is up again and slugs it out for 15 minutes and I slide the net under another 7.21# Rainbow!  He looks up at me and says "You've got to be kidding me Dad!!"  We were all pumped to say the least. :yes:  :yes:


After a half hour or so the port dipsy fires again and KP is ready to roll, but this dipsy was out 275!  She steps in front of me and goes to work. After 10 minutes or so I net about a 4# Laker.  That made her very happy since she lost one earlier.


By now its about 11:00 or so and they ask if we can go soon, so we point straight out headed back towards long point.  We are out over 350 fow, haven't marked anything, and I grab one leadcore to start clearing for the day.  Out of the corner of my eye I see a rigger rod release up then go back down hard. :yes:    I get it out of the holder and this fish is digging.  They decide to tag team this one since we are almost done!!  They take turns and after a good ten minute fight we net a solid 8# laker.  I really thought it was going to be over ten the way it fought but it was fun nonetheless.  We released that one to fight another day.


We all had a great 4th birthday!!  Hoping for many more like this one.



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Congrats to you and the kids!! I don't need to ask "did they enjoy themselves as their smiles speak for themselves". I don't thing my girls will get up this year as they are back to school already. I don't know what ever happened to the first Monday in September?

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 Thanks guys, I have had great days fishing on Ontario for kings and browns and even Alaska for Halibut, but yesterday was at the top for sure.  Their mother got home from work about 4:00 and asked how their day was and they said "Awesome!"  Then mom goes to hug them and says "You guys smell like fish!" When I showed her the pics she could see why.

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