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aluminum outboards


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That's a sweet star craft how long is it and can you get two people in the cuddy ez

The boat itself is a 22 footer,but the extension adds another good 3 foot (including engine).There is decent sleeping room in the cuddy ,but it is not a Marriot hotel.

Here is another one in action.


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All the boats I ever had were outboards, never had any major problems, but I always wanted an I/O, well I'm ready to go with a newer 4 stroke outboard, my buddy has one amazing!!! Can troll at 1.0 mph with his motor you can drop rpm's to get any speed you want. All with paddles on the steering wheel right side is up in rpm left side is down, the paddles are like the shift models of a automatic trans on a sports car, like my wife's honda sport.

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Another boat you should look at is the Steiger Craft Chesapeake with bracket. It is a 23 footer (without the bracket) and has a nice pilot house and a decent cuddy. Although it is fiber glass, it is still towable.

If I win the LOC derby I will order one.

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