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Tuning Spoons

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Bend the nose upwards and the rear cup downwards to increase wobble at slower speeds.

I bend the nose upwards by pushing the nose downward on a hard surface(huge difference in action compared to a stock blade),while raising the cup end.

Some spoons(pending on the metal used)will crack if you bend them too much.

Probably don't have a stock shaped spoon in my collection :roll:

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Ditto what Skeiner said. Also if you only increase the cup you usually get a faster wobble (going slow) but if you only bend the nose up you’ll generally get a little wider wobble (going slow). If you go back to a “normalâ€Â

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If you take a sutton spoon and bend it lenghtways,right down the middle you can run them faster.But you can never get them to runslower again. At least I cant.

Straighten out the nose on a optimiser and increase the bend in the cup and you can slow them right down.

If anyone has had much luck tuning metal dodgers I would like to hear it.Some of mine swim horizontal and I cant figure out why.Some of the same dodgers same colors catch fish . Put the same out on the other side and they dont. Its something the fish see and I dont.

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