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Decided to try an evening run solo at about 4:30pm.   The lake laid down enough for me to be comfortable in my 22' boat.   There were several storms hanging around which is typically a good timeframe to try but can be dangerous.   I did not see one boat out fishing anywhere.


Unfortunately, I did not have down speed and temp working but knew from the weekend the temp was way down and way out.   I started in about 280 foot of water heading north.  Not really much activity on the graph but have been seeing some big hooks here and there.


Got to about 460 foot and noticed some good marks showing up.   Went 2-3 -> 2 kings (23lb and 16lb).   They were dark which probably indicates they were in warmer water.    They came off my backup manual rigger (97 and 125 down over 460') on NK spoon (white front / pink bottom - pearl ladder back on the front side, silver back with yellow tape down the middle).    I probably did 4 different lures set changes and decide to try something crazy.   Not sure what to name it yet.   I think I will name it pinky pearl - yeah PP   :lol:  


Towards the end of my trip a slight wind came up and within 15 minutes later it was blowing hard.  It went from nothing to OMG in minutes.  I am sure glad that I pulled my rigs when the breeze just started slightly blowing.  I just barely got the hell out of there and into the 150' mark where it was ok.   It would have been a long trip back if I waited.   Need to have the ultimate respect for the Big O!!!



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Just was saying that today. We were out when it kicked up. Two foot and roly when we started, then it literally unleashed to steady four footers +. Only lasted hr or so then laid back down as fast as it kicked up. I fish a 14 aluminum in the shipping lanes allot and that made me thankful I wasn't in that boat. It can definitely get ugly quick

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I was almost killed years ago under this very same scenario in a small boat out on Lake Ontario.  It has been my experience that if you feel that "breeze' start to kick, particularly if changes direction on you and you are already outside of your comfort zone for your size boat, it's time to pull the rods.  Glad things didn't turn out worse.

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