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Ruff Rider Live Report Sodus 2015 Aug 28 - Sep 7

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Week before last my wife and I went out of Fairhaven, I was working on one of my lines when my wife yells The Rod, The Rod its bending, I look over to see the rod holder on my port side rigger go horizontal and my rigger rod fly out of the back I look out to see the rod headed down to the bottom of the lake. Quickly I speed up and run the boat in a circle. We start pulling up lines first one nothing, my wife is bringing in a dipsey line and says its getting heavy, end up its on the downrigger cable, I bring up my secret weapon rig and 1 hook on the silver streak spoon has some braid on it. I start hand lining it in doing a couple quick wraps on the cleat in case the fish happens to still be on there. Luckily I ended up getting back the FF and Rod.


Kudos to the Wife for keeping an eye on things!

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