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Hemlock last evening

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Ran to Hemlock last night trolled around south end and midlake to east side. Marked tons of fish from 30-60 all over couldn't get the trout to go but the Bass!!

Wow it appears the big ones are suspending out deep here is a pic of one small mouth 2 others took the same perch deep diver off 7 color leadcore.

Beautiful night saw a huge immature bald eagle perched on the east side.

Tried all the Canadice spoons that have been working this summer just a tough night to move the trout. The laker is outta Canadice last weekend another evening troll.

Cayuga by far has been best for me this year out of the 14 the Lakers in there smash anything bright green on the wire dipsey out 175 on a 3. LL hit well too and grille better!

Good luck to any bowhunters I am switching gears the trail cams are calling now. Wanna see if this guy is still walkin

Chris :)






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I notice that about Canadice and Hemlock - this time of year the Smallies are very thermocline oriented and huge!  I've had some awesome strikes out there over 90'  of water- on spoons - that I think are nice Trout, that end up being 5 - 8 lb Smallies...


Glad to hear you have spoons that have been "working" on Canadice - haha, I've had nothing working on Canadice this year - I'm landing about 1 fish for every 5-6 hours I've put in...

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Still trying to get dialed in on rainbows from the kayak... Had a hook up Sunday morning and it almost immediately started jumping, so I was thinking I finally got dialed in.  Turned out to be a smallie about the same size. 


Thinking of hitting Candice/Hemlock this evening with the wife and enjoy the (almost) full moon... no fishing just enjoying the moment.

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