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First Screamerrrrrrrrrr! Out of Genny

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Well it finally happened. I've read so many posts here about kings latching on and running out line "screaming reels." First year with any success on the big lake. I've caught over 25 fish this year, lakers, steelhead and kings. Replaced the manual downriggers with new Scotties, Amish trolling bags, some new reels and poles, hundreds spent on lures and attractors, bigger landing net, bigger cooler and a Fishhawk. Do I need anything else?

Anyway, girlfriend and I dropped at 150 fow today outside of Genny. Had 2 hits on the way out, nobody home. Headed south at 450 fow. King hit a Mountain Dew flasher with an A-Tom-Ic fly down 95 ft at 2.8 down speed and at 51 degrees. Now I know what screaming is! He took out 500 plus feet of line. Thought I was going to run the spool out, we turned the boat to take up some line and about 20 minutes later landed a 22 pounder! Finished 1 for 3 had a hard time focusing after the screamer!

Thanks to everyone here for your reports and the knowledge you've made available to us. I learn new things every time a come to this site. Can't wait to get out next weekend!


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That fish is missing it's adipose fin.  What you are holding is the result of the Pen-rearing projects around the lake at different ports.  Nice fat and healthy fish.  You are ruined now!

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Below I copied in a post from "open lake discussion" regarding the heads on the clipped fish. If you kept that fish read below.




osted August 24, 2015 - 5:10 PM 1.png

The pen rearing/fin clipped salmon study is coming to a end.. {2016 study will be on coho} Any salmon having an adipose fin clip has coded wire tag in it's snout. PLEASE save snout/head only. Lake Ontario United( LOU=everyone on this site)... purchased a freezer for US Fish and Wild life to help with this study. The freezer is located off lake Ontario state parkway near Sandy Creek, Hamlin NY. I AM WILLING to pick up fish heads from Irondequoite Bay west to Oak Orchard  if needed. With all the time and effort put into the pen rearing projects LAKEWIDE, the retuning data is MINIMAL at best. Lack of data (returned wire tags) does not help with future salmon stocking numbers, especially in our fish pens. With less data to compare to pen survival rates verses direct stocked or percent of pen reared to wild salmon numbers returning in lake. ETC. This collection will go on right threw fall stream season. Please make an effort if you can to not let years of fin clipped/tagged salmon and pen rearing project efforts lakewide go unrewarded and info not to be FULLY utilized.


PM me any questions as you can drop fish heads off yourself any day/anytime also at freezer location.




Capt. Jerry


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Yes, I had screaming dreams last night and I'm addicted! Can't stop telling friends about it. I think they think I'm going nuts. Bottom line is you have to experience it to understand it. I know the season is ending soon, it's going to be a long winter!

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