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How was Cayuga this weekend. Anybody do Any business. Hopeing to get out Thursday. Finally a day off. Thanks

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Horrible, we got skunked on the big O thurs , fri so decided to go to our stomping grounds an started south of Myers with 2 dipseys and 2 riggers. Had 1 short landlock on 160' dipsey. That was our only action. Worked east past Myers to across to west past scout camp, back to east side past Myers again. Never moved a rod. Fast , slow , up an down. Blame it on full moon. Good luck

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Fished sat morning in front of the college in aurora. 4 decent lakers all on divers out 200. Highlight was watching my brother reel in what he thought was a monster. He ended up with a huge fight against a diver that didn't trip with a mini Atlantic on. Good stuff.

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Started at 6:30 this morning and fished til 4:30 this afternoon. Launched out of Deans Cove. Fished south to almost the boy scout camp and back. 200fow to 385fow. Varied depths as we went. Went 14 for 18. Brought home 6 nice Lakers and a brown.


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There were three Arimas. I was out Saturday. Launched at Treman ran up to Meyers and set up . Picked up a few fish on a north troll . Cleaned a lot of weeds. Headed across the lake towards the boy scout camp. Headed south. Weeds were not as bad on the west side. Most fish came off divers 100 to 240 out. A few rigger fish and nothing on the cloth.Same program as I mentioned before.I wish I had a camera phone . Had two slob lakers.12 to 14.

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