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Slow Fishing Weekend but still very memorable

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Fished out of Sandy Creek (Hamlin) this weekend and for us at least the fishing was some of the toughest for us this year.




I got my ticket for LOC already but my wife didn't get hers until this morning so we knew today was not for tourney fishing but for fun and our 9 year old "observer" could participate in the fun.  Got started about 9:30 ran out to 70 foot of water and put the spread out, heavy on FF and Meat.  No bumps as we trolled around for two an a half hours and worked our way out to 250.  So we picked up the gear and ran deep.   We hit the 32 line and set up heading north, working our way to a finger of structure that went from 560 to 460, which I am guessing is part of the Scotch Bonnet.  I was hoping once we hit that bump we would have some action, but a sweep through there showed quiet screen and stationary gear.  As we left the area and came back to 490 feet we got a small rip on a dipsey Spin doctor fly in Mountain dew that ended up being about a 8 lb King.  A half our later our starboard rigger running meat down 80 feet went off and started to take a little line.  Up until now my 9 year old has been catching the fish off the everything but the dipseys, and she has been doing it with mom and dad helping her, doing a majority of the rod lifting while she reels.  I figured today was the day she did it all by herself, to prove to her that she was capable landing a fish all by herself.  She fought the fish for a longggg time and by the end the 13 pound hen pretty much lay exhausted on the surface as it slid in the net.  We are extremely proud of her as this is my wife's and her first year fishing the lake and her only other exposure to fish over bluegill size was a trip on a charter last spring.   For me seeing her do this and the pride she showed and the confidence she gained made my whole season.  The fish was way to exhausted to revive so we kept it and as I filleted it I notice it gill plate was deformed.  Almost like it got folded in and fused exposing most of the gills on the fish.  I kind of wonder what the story of this was.




Got out a little before seven and setup in 40 feet hoping to get a brown that we could put on the scales for LOC.  We work the 40 - 90 foot range for a majority of the morning with just one 6 pound brown that cam of the dipsey FF combo to show for it.  So we swung out to 160 and picked a teenage king on a rigger rod with a moonshine mag green and white head glow spoon.  Not to long after that the sun finally made an appearance and most of marks disappeared.   We did mark a lot of bait clouds and fish in the shallows this weekend but just could get anything to go. 




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