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Early goose opener

Kevin J Legg

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Kevin, nice job!! none of my fields in syracuse are cut yet. I have about 100 shell decoys and 18 stand ups if you ever have any extra room or need someone to help with manpower setting decoys. Not really worth hunting the river yet . I would trade a walleye trip for it but you seem to do ok yourself....

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Tried the geese again this morning and we got skunked. Fog did us in again. Could have shot some passers but we like them to commit to the decoys. Birds have been in this field for a month and decided to move from their roosting pond last night. Go figure. Didn't hear any shooting this morning.

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Farmers are starting to chop corn and if you're lucky enough to have a field they like, there are birds around.

Would not say there are a lot of birds on the river, but same deal, if you've got places they like it could be worthwhile.

Let me know how that 15 bird limit works for ya.

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