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Seneca Seneca 9/1/2015


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New hoist is done at camp so Carol , King and I gave it a go this am..... need better way to get King in and out of boat , put some scraches on the side of boat coming back in.... went to Himrod hardware they had a fix for my guide on..... now to the fishing had a few releases but never hooked up....small amount of fleas on slidediver wire rod..... we ran south to below Starky and trolled north ..... not much in 90 - 120' , better screen in the 250 or deeper... work on gange blank for King in the am....

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Yes. The bait down here is ridiculous. Took boat out tonight for a swim. The cludy green water is gone today and clear. I could swim down ten feet in middle of the lake and see clear as day...

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