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Heck of a day out of Hughes


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I'm pretty burned out right now and headed for bed just returned home about 9PM after fishing from 6 AM this morning with Admiral Byrd (on his Penn Yan) and my neighbor Dave who is a very recent convert to salmon fishing (especially after today). Very little action this morning one laker, one skippy, and a 12 lb king. Trolled for over 6 plus hrs after that without seeing hardly anything on the screen out to 230 and back in less than 100 ft but caught the early salmon in the 230 ft depth.  Late in the afternoon we finally located some scattered marks in less than 100 ft and fished the spot with spinneys a 275 copper downriggers and leadcore etc. Finally found a solitary spot that we didn't mark fish but  every time we went over it we caught salmon and one steelie on downrigger. Ended up in the afternoon/evening with 4 for 6 salmon 12-26 lbs and a 12 lb steelie for good measure including a double on matures all but one in less than 100 ft of water and most caught on white on green spinney and green fly which they totally inhaled and made vicious runs with. The 26 pound 39 inch king took out over 100 yds of line pretty much right off the bat and newbie Dave really had his hands full and was totally whipped after bringing it in. Turned into one of the best days in a while and one of the best days ever for newly addicted Dave :lol: The lesson from it all is "Persistence pays off in the face of trying times" :)









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