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Legacy- 2015 Deer Season


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An there it is! :headbang: My buck 10 yds from my stand(you can see the stand in the picture) yesterday opening day just after noon


That happened to me in three of my spots this yr. As hard as I hunt, I can't be everywhere at once. Still frustrating as hell. Lol post-149813-14482785418163_thumb.jpg

You can see my stand here too.


This guy is standing right where I shot my buck yesterday.


And this guy is 30 yds and closing from my stand on the edge of turnip field.

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So I cut a trail from the field edge into the woods to get to a new stand I hung this year. It didnt take long for the deer to start using the trail, (of course). On November 12 i made a mock scrape with a perfect licking branch on my access trail and hung a camera. (due to gun season and the threat of theft, i pulled the camera today). From November 12 - November 19 the site had 22 visitors. Lots of young bucks and a handful of does. No big boys though. Heres some of the better footage.





















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