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Cayuga Cayuga - Some bigger Salmon and Bows


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Fished Cayuga this weekend. Out of Meyers - headed north. Next day out of Long Point - headed south.


Fished temp and above. Morning bite was light the first day and non-existent today. Sunday brought a fantastic bow out over the deep water. Over 5 pounder. Great fight with jumps. On a rigger with a small Stinger in purple. Released at boat.

Today I fished just north of same deep water as Sunday. I ended up having to adjust my troll to avoid the weeds. Stayed over the deep water.

It paid off with a great LL Salmon about the same size as the Bow from Sunday. It jumped once and came to the net tangled in the line. I netted it with the rubber net. Untangled it and put it back in the water with the net. She was really lively in the net so I dumped her out. She floated so I did a quick circle to see if I could get her revived. Got right to her and took my eyes off for a second and she was gone. I hope she makes it. That was a beautiful fish. That fish came on the same purple small stinger.


Great to see some Salmon growing up and becoming such great fish. I have spent years clearing lines with the little ones that are so crazy aggressive.


Sorry no pics..had to get these fish back in quick.

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We took a float trip Saturday out of Taughannock the fish finder showed some nice potential small bait pods and some nice marks.

First time out on my boat without a fishing pole, kinda nice lunch n a few beverages with the wife.

Nice job releasing those silver's!!

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That purple and white stinger been nailing them. Same with Sutton's. Seems the fish are down south. I got nothing off L.p. Saturday, Sunday west produced a Laker and nice bow. Seems the fish are in shallow till around 8:30. All fish I caught were in 50fow or between 35 and 40 feet. Had to deal with a stalker for a while. Shook him and found the fish.

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