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DEC aquarium at state fair


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i went to the state fair sat 9/5.

all in all we really enjoyed the whole scene, but when we went to the DEC exibit we noticed the fish all had the funk on them- white fuzzy blotches like you see on salmon in the tribs.

they looked pretty rough. maybe to the general public they just looked like fish but to an angler they looked terrible.

not a good impression by the DEC.

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I saw the same thing you saw. Very noticeable,  But it seemed to only be in the trout tank. I thought the walleyes looked pretty good except for a few that had white puffy eyes. which I assumed they were from being blinded by the lights. I hope the trout aren't getting the ick from whats in the hatchery. hope it came from unsanitary tank cleaning.   

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