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They are in the bay, screen was busy with them from set down till pick this afternoon. Unlike last year there is fish, getting them to bite regularly is a diff story. They are late again, but Deff bigger numbers than last season. Get out and try, can't catch them on the sofa, or behind the keyboard. Good Luck

Capt Rich

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We were 3/5 in 2 hours this morning out in front of the little salmon. Then the lake got really nasty and we pack it in.

All F/F 70-90 fow post-139808-14420728974244_thumb.jpg

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Fished 80 to 150 stright from the river 1/2, 21 lbs female busting with eggs and very black. down 85 in 150, 51 degree water green flasher fly. pulled JPlugs for about 4 hours down the chute no takers. may go out this evening if the rain lets up. A few guys on the radio saying fish staging in 70" in front of the river. the lake is pretty nasty, took a few over the glass late morning.

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Numbers of fish are no where near what they should be but enough around to fish for.

Went 4 for 5 on a shortened morning trip.

90-100 fow flasers and flys on wires taking 3 of the 5 bites.

Spoons only accounted for one shot.

Consistent speed was a **** today.


Guessing you can't say b!tch on the board.

Sorry Hank.

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