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ANYTHING put on a fishing lure

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Got something you want on a fishing lure, I can do that, name, flag, sports team, team, driver, birth announcement, wedding announcement,charter name, names, dates, $15.00 to your door, make a great fishing lure, present, ornament, key-chain, ORDER YOURS NOW smile emoticon , first come first serve, pre-order, pre-pay - Marty Brown ( ioiosoiwork)

post-144605-0-21690200-1442010309_thumb.jpg post-144605-0-53103700-1442010310_thumb.jpg post-144605-0-06931600-1442010312_thumb.jpg post-144605-0-14922700-1442010313_thumb.jpgpost-144605-0-14922700-1442010313_thumb.jpg post-144605-0-40556500-1442010314_thumb.jpg post-144605-0-97868300-1442010315_thumb.jpg post-144605-0-76158600-1442010316_thumb.jpg post-144605-0-93259500-1442010317_thumb.jpg post-144605-0-87328100-1442010318_thumb.jpg post-144605-0-90243400-1442010319_thumb.jpg 

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" The core purpose of trademark law has always been to identify the source of goods—to make sure that some competitor doesn’t try to pass off its goods as the genuine article. Over the years, that original purpose has been added to and supplemented with other theories, but its fundamental aim remains the same: keeping consumers from being fooled as to whether or not the trademark owner is making or endorsing the person using the trademark without permission." , With that being said, NONE of the above sports teams or their affiliates have endorsed these "lures", - Marty Brown (ioiosoiwork) :)

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