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Soda Blasting Hull Bottom Paint - Mexico Bay


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I am hiring a service to come to Mexico to soda blast my many layers of bottom paint from my 30 year old Penn Yan on Columbus Day weekend. The fee is $35/ linear foot plus travel. My boat will be put on stands for this procedure and then returned to my trailer afterward. Putting the boat on stands will incur a fee from the marina. If there are any other boat owners that want this service performed while Fred is here please PM me so we can coordinate our efforts. Fred is fully insured and will use baking soda to blast off the old layers of paint on your hull. I can provide more details when you PM me.


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Good thing to do so you can assess you hull before repainting. Look for stress cracks in gel coat where stringers are for any hidden problems. Did that myself two years ago. Just use a good primer prior to bottom paint for good lasting results.

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