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Cayuga with fly rod.


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Hi all, I just have become somewhat familiar, in the last 2 years, with jigging and trolling Cayuga and have been wondering if anyone regularly fishes the shorelines with a fly rod. Wondering if there are any significant insect hatches  that entice the rainbows , browns, or even LL's to rise to dry flies in the evenings. I imagine there are times of the year when streamer fishing can be effective. I'm interested because I find myself often needing to take a break from one kind of fishing during the day. Since I travel a couple of hours to the lake, I like to spend ALL day out on the boat. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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I've gotten some salmon but I haven't tried in a few years.  Never tried any insects for trout in the lake, all streamers.  Winter and early spring are your best bet for fly fishing trout.  Taughannock and AES are popular spots for shore guys but if you're in your boat try points, drop offs, and current breaks, even shallow bays which may be a degree or two warmer on a sunny day.  


April really loads the south end with nice fish and the lighthouse can be an excellent spot.  Also in a boat, the other lighthouse and breakwall can be good.  Depends on the year but the trout start heading deeper in early May and they're out of range until maybe late October, but then they have spawning on their minds.  I suppose you could fish a sinking line into May but I never tried anything other than a sinking leader.  


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In the past the best time for the rainbows that way has been in late June into July during hatches and in the evening hours especially. You will often see their dorsals skimming the water out deep especially in areas not being affected greatly by boat traffic. Sometimes they will even take small spoons trolled way back behind the boat a few feet down trolled fast.

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