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did any of you see this?

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This is what I found on this fish:

"This pike was caught on the 6th of March 2006 by Dutch fisherman Ewout Blom in a pretty big lake in the south of Holland, I know the name of the lake from where quite a number of 40 plus pikes were caught and released but promised not to mention the name to avoid too heavy fishing pressure.

"This pike had a length of 127 cm and a weight of 19,5 kilo and was caught trolling with a Rapala Super Shad Rap in perch colour and I have about 10 original digital pictures of this fish"

For the metric-impaired (such as yours truly), 127cm and 19.4 kilos works out to right around 50 inches, and just barely shy of 43 pounds...

So, not 50 pounds, NOT Rainy Lake...

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That is the story i heard , the other picture is not the same fish . I dont think you are getting that fish in without a hook in its mouth . Im sure some of you remember i posted those pictures a while back with the same response of it not being cought in canada , im sure stories really change around when they gets some internet circulation . None the less both those pictures are amazing no matter where it was cought or how

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I honestly really dont know where it was caught. That was the info that was in my email when it was sent to me. However it is a monster and it is possible to net a fish like this that doesnt want to let go of a meal.

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