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Best tackle box for stickbaits


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I think that the available stick bait boxes are very overpriced, that said, I made several by using waterproof tool boxes & 1/16" thick sheet plastic. I have approximately $50 in three different depth stick bait boxes I put together.

Good luck


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Like mentioned above I too made my own special mate style box. Bought a toolbox from home depot for $9 and fashioned some dividers.  Drilled some weep holes in the bottom and its done.

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I don't have any pics handy but mine is just the cheap orange Home Depot tool box, I believe it is 19". Took out the tray that came with it and cut dividers to fit the width and height.  I made my dividers out of backing material I had for framing pictures, but you can use whatever you would like.  I then cut 15 notches across the top of each divider to hold the hooks.  I glued a piece of closed cell foam to the under side of the lid of the box to keep the hooks from jumping out while in transport.  Drill half a dozen weep holes along the bottom on each side and that's it.

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