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Downrigger mounting

leadcore troller

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Might want to consider some gimbal mounts and recessed rod holders installed and mount your "board" across them that way you can take it on and off rather than a permanent mount where you don't have any convenient access to the motor area of the boat. If you go with a permanent mount (e.g board across) consider hinging it (or part of it) so you can have that access when the riggers aren't on.

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Traxtech is great.  Turned our 22ft searay into a solid fishing boat.  We run 4 riggers off it and have a few more holders on it.  Very solid.  Plus, if you want to remove it, the whole system can be taken off.  We never do, but the option is there.  At least for our searay, there really was no other option.


Ours is  mounted to the permanent swim platform.  Again, rock solid.

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