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Tioughnioga River

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Does anyone fish the Tioughnioga River? This was caught this past Sunday in the west branch near Marathon. 38" 15.8 lbs

It seems like the pike around this area are starting to turn on.



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Thank you. This is my personal best and he put on quite a show striking five times in 3 casts before I finally got the single J hook of the spinner bait hooked up good.  We battled for 15 minutes as he pulled my kayak up then down the river. I had him in my net once and he broke the webbing and went on another run with his head on top of the water and my line through the net he tail danced for ten feet then dove pulling drag until I was able to turn him back around. (my net was a little dry rotted I learned) Finally, after passing under the kayak twice he tired and I was able to get my hand on his gill plate and paddle to shore with my other hand. It was a great fight and after a few pictures and measurements he was released for another lucky angler to find another day.  There are some real beauties in the Tioughnioga and most people are very surprised by this fish.  I know there are more that are even bigger, hopefully I will prove it this fall. Nothing like the strike of an Essox !!

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