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trolling lures and gear sale in Pulaski


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I'm not sure if this is ok to post here but All Seasons Sports in Pulaski is having a great sale on almost all their lake trolling gear...30% off all copper line, wire line (Malin and others), lead core , planers, dipseys, slide divers, down rigger cable,coated rigger cable, scotty and canon releases, probe antennaes, klinchers and lots of other gear all 30 per cent off.

Spin Doctors are all $8 dollars, pro chip paddles all $10, E chips all $ 11

Total Chaos and Howie Flies are buy one get one free. 30% off Atomics flies.

50% per cent off all trolling fly material and I think 20%, maybe 30% off all trolling spoons...great sale if you are up that way...sign said the sale is a thank you to all their customers who shopped there and supported their shop this season.

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