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Starcraft 210 Fishmaster Yamaha F 200 Performance issues Need Advice.


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Thanks to all of you again.  Ivan thanks for the tip on Vics, they re very helpful on the phone and intend to help me through this until we get it right.  they said I should be getting about 45-46 MPH with a reasonable load.  The symptoms s I described to them indicates the engine is mounted to high .  Andy from Vics stated that the engine installed too high results in the inability to utilize the full trim thus you do not have enough lift to get the bow up out of the water.  He also said on these Starcrafts due to the hull design that you want to get them out of the hole and on plane as quick as possible as they will list if not on plane and at mid range rpms. As many have recommended here lower he engine and try it.  Run the boat with your normal intended load and when trimmed out It should be in the 5700 to 5800 rpm range.  if not then we try different props.  once we get the performance right then he recommended Lenco trim tabs to tweak the ride for leveling loads.  He made me feel like there was a path forward.  Thanks muskiedreams for your information as well.  All very helpl.


Plecos for sale. Do you have the same outboard and what hole on the engine is your top bolt. I am on hole 2 from the top and my current prop is a Reliance 14.25 X 17P 

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Steve - your boat has a 17 pitch MercuryTempest Plus on it.  When I was fishing it I almost always had 4 guys on board and a bunch of gear.  Trimmed out it would do about 41-42 MPH GPS in dead flat seas, which was right up against the rev limiter for the motor.  It will turn a 19 pitch stainless prop - in fact that's what I had on it but with 4 guys I couldn't get max RPMs and didn't want to damage the powerhead.  With the 19 pitch, 2 guys and a lighter load (without the bimini up and flat seas) you could get around 45-46mph GPS, so if you go up to a 19 pitch I would expect a little more top end.  Heavy loads and rough seas I liked the 17 pitch better as it has better bite.  The motor I believe is mounted in either the 2nd or 3rd hole from the top, so it's in the middle - not sunk and not all the way up - the anti-cavitation plate is about a half inch under the water when trimmed out at full throttle.  I had it moved up from the original hole for a higher mount as it helped me get the wide open RPMs up to the max when at full throttle which is where you want it. I played with a lot of props and found the Tempest Plus to perform the best of any of the ones I tried which included the Yamaha stainless props as well.  Just FYI - there is some history as to why there is a Mercury prop on the Yamaha motor on your boat.   


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Would like to give all those that have helped an update on this post.

Took the boat out on Cayuga on Saturday.

full tank of gas, two people on board. 210 StarCraft Fishmaster Yamaha f 200. Reliance 14.25 17p prop.
Honda kicker outboard mounted port side. Newly installed Trim tabs. Lenco 9X9.

Performance. - 1 foot chop and into 12 mph North wind.

Trimmed out at a top RPM of 5500 and a GPS speed of 37.5 mph.
Listing to port as previously reported was easily adjusted with engagement of trim tabs.

Overall quite happy with performance of trim tabs, worked exceptionally well.
Would like to get to the reported mid to high forties in speed, perhaps with lower pitch prop to boost rpms.

Any thoughts?

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so all you did differently is installed tabs ?

Salmonite, my original post stated a performance of 5800 rpms and a speed of 32 mph.

Differences between the two runs include 2 less people on board midship, a little more weight on the transom with the Honda kicker. Engine with ten more hours of operational time on it. Engine still mounted in second hole from top.

I cannot explain the difference in rpm going from 5800 to 5500 or the 5 mph increase in speed. I never paid much attention to these differences in the past so I am not knowledgeable about loads, and pitch and rpms.

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Salmonite there were 2  less people on board


Chas0218, I tend to agree with you.  Skipper 19 had the suggestion to lower the motor as well .  that will be next. I will post a pic of the hull to the cavitation plate relationship as a starting point.

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I agree with you. I need to try lowering the motor one hole as it is presently located in the 2nd hole from the top and there have been suggestions from the start that the symptoms are from a motor that is mounted too high. Once I lower I will test it again, and if need be try a different prop. I'm running a 14.25 17p right now. 5500 rpm 37.5 GPS speed. Thanks for your input. We will get it right eventually.

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I was fortunate to water test my old boat with the marine mechanic when I repowered. We ended up changing mounting holes as we had planning issues and there was lots of torque on thg e wheel. I bet your listing is caused by torque from the wrong height and you can not sense it because of the hydraulic steering.

As far as your top speed you are getting robbed. I have 700 ponds more weight on a 20' plate aluminum hull, 18 deg,kicker,rocket launcher all the bells and whistles pushed by a 175 opti max with five guys at 42 mph on a good day.

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Have ordered a Mercury Tempest Plus 19P and will have a local StarCraft dealer move the engine down one hole. Spent a good deal of time with StarCraft dealer Vic's and he described the most popular set up they have for their delivered Fishmasters. What he suggested is pretty much in line with all of the suggestions posted here. Thanks to all.

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Howdy all,

I'm writing seeking advice/info regarding a possible fix to an issue I'm having with cavitation similar to that described by Trorun.

I have a 2014 Starcraft Fishmaster 196 with a 150 Mercury four stroke, and a 9.9 mercury four stroke kicker, which is mounted on the starboard side.

My issue is with cavitation when I put the motor in gear and try to bring the boat up on plane. It seems as if the prop isn't getting the correct 'grip' on the water. The boat will eventually plane, however, when I then throttle back slightly, the rpms seem to drop, and the boat seems to begin going faster. I apologize for not having rpm and mph info for reference. I believe I've had the boat up to at least 40 mph, but when moving, I'm usually doing 25 ish.

Currently the 150 is mounted in the second hole from the top. The cavitation plate is just about 3.5 inches above the very bottom of the hull. There is a 15", 17* prop on the motor.

Would lowering the motor just one hole make any kind of noticeable difference ? The holes seem to be about 1" apart.

Also, if it does need to be lowered, any recommendations on a good shop in the watertown/Henderson/Clayton/A Bay to do the work ?

Thanks in advance- Rusty


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Thanks Trophy,

My best measurement from the keel, to the top of the transom, where the 150 is attached is 25 1/2". The Starcraft website lists the transom height as 25 ".

My best measurement of the shaft length, from the bottom of the cavitation plate, to the top of the transom, where the motor is attached, is 22 1/2".

The specs for the motor show that it comes in a 20" version, and a 25" version. Based on my measurement, I'm not certain which model I have.

The model number from the sticker on the motor is -


Based on the measurements I took, it seems as if the shaft is too short, which would explain the issues I'm having. I think I'll take a trip to the local dealer, or make some calls.

Thanks -


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