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Canandaigua Personal best bow on a jig

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Started a little later yesterday than normal with the full moon coming. Trolled for the first part of the trip with modest results at best. Couple Lakers up to 7lbs as well as a couple bows and one small mouth. Switched over to laker jigging and that stayed relatively slow too. Started in 85 fow and not long after one of the guys sets the hook into a 9" perch right on the bottom. I moved us into 70 fow and threw a jig off the bow and about ten feet from the boat on the retrieve I got the strike. Line instantly went out and to the side. Knew it wasn't a laker. Didn't take long to break the water. Fish took several spectacular leaps and several runs. After many attempts to net the fish we finally got her. Dumped her back in and she took right off.


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Sweet fish! Musta been a blast on a jig pole!

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Nice fish! What lake was that on? We caught one jigging on Cayuga earlier this year. Awesome creature to release as we did too

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