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Yankee in the ROC 9/26-9/27 - Probably the last 2015 Report

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I apologize for the lack of reports, but most of August and September was terrible. What a struggle it has been to put target species in the boat consistently for clients in any sort of numbers. I wont say more as there are a few threads on the site already discussing this.


Saturday - Last charter of the season. Checked the waters at the mouth of the Genesee River, and it was loaded with Salmon. The problem was the water was dirty from the wind backing up the Genny flow. We tried it for an hour or two and never hooked into one, and didn't see anyone else hook into one. We headed to shipbuilders and set in in 40' of water. It was cold! Slid into 20-30' and found a great screen. Fished it for a few hours and pulled 4 keeper Brown Trout out of it. We also tossed back 3 small ones and lost 4 small ones. They really wanted a spoon with a white or glow cup on it. Our slide divers out 40-50 on a 3 setting and our 5 color stealth core were best. We ended the day with some Lake Trout.









Sunday - Took a buddy and his son out fishing for the morning. The bite was on in front of the Genny! We did 4 matures and a skipper by 9am. All of which came on Stealth Core pulling DW Captains Choice plugs. Best colors were Lucky Charms and Glow Green off in-lines. Our last bite was on a Bloody Lip J-PLug. Best speeds for us were 1.8-2.0 on our Moor. After getting tangled with another boat at 9:30am, and listening to a kid who just wanted to catch fish I made the decision to run to Laker land. We tired the kids arms out on lake Trout for a few hours before we headed in for lunch.











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Excellent job Yankee, yea no need to apologize!!! You always give a wealth of info. with your reports, sorry to say it's that time of year again, where in the Hell did this year go? Hope the best for you through the winter. See YA in the spring I HOPE!!!

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