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Wanted Planer reels

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Please see the attached photos of the two Riviera Planer Reels.  These are made of steel (not plastic) and come with line.  I'm asking $125 for the set.  You're welcome to call me at (814) 594-0998 to discuss.  Thanks, Rick





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Thank you for your humour Tileman Dan. I appreciate where you are coming from!

For you and everyone else I will explain my interest.

I was hoping that these were the Kachman Automatic Trolling Reels sold by Riviera Tackle and they do wind up to bring the planner board in when your boat turns toward the board. I am unsure if these are the type offered for sale. I have seen this system demonstrated by famed Musky guide, Jim Fleming of Drifter 11 Charters and thought that I could use this when I fish for Lake Trout in the spring and Musky later in the season. Fleming is well known for his charters on Lake Erie and Lake St Clair. He also has been the focus of many tv programs and has been featured in many magazine articles.

Should anyone be interested:

The Riviera web site is rivieratrolling.com

The Drifter 11 web site is Drifter2.com

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I have one big Jon clamp on planer reel ...has Crack in spool and i used it with crack for amost full season. but can buy new spool online or from big jon...

20.00 picked up if still looking

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I have a pair that I used for one season before I upgraded to electrics. No Line on them, but I may have some replacement spools of line laying around. New they are about 150.00 each. Send me a pm with your phone number and we'll see what works out.

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