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Skinny Buck


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Despite all the food around in my yard this summer,... unlimited browse, grass, clover, plums, pears and apples , this young 7 point buck seems healthy, but awfully thin.I took these pictures early this month. There are 2 other bucks and 6 does that live here and are all in great shape compared to him. Any thoughts ?



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AND theirs caitlin Jenner's!





deer is fine, just a young deer. let it walk


Agree with this comment 100%


I think this deer could be spectacular in a year or two.

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Looks fine. I thinks it just needs more time to develop.


  I think your right, looks like a young buck that hasen't finished growing into a large body and if you let him go two more years he'll be a dandy, thats if he can make it two more years.

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We also have pics of young bucks ribs showing . They seem fine I think yes there is variety among deer populations. We have a strain of deer with white patches on the legs and around the hooves . pretty cool I saved the legs of one small button buck we shot a few years back.

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