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Perch at Sodus?


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Fished north end of Sodus bay from 25 FOW to 45 FOW from 7am till 1pm. Used crawlers and minnows. Caught lots of 4-6 inch perch, caught 2 that were 10 inch and 1 pike. Saw 3 other boats perch fishing.

FYI - the docks at the public launch (next to Arney's Marina) have been taken out. The dock at the coast guard station is also out.

Big ones soon!

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I fished off the loop yesterday in the afternoo.It was slow as my garmin was giving me headaches,lol.It"s a 431s and doesnt read a soft bottom very well.Im going to try and use my 178c instead.I caught a few keepers incuding a 2 lb bullhead in 50 ft.lolI did talk to a few boaters some did ok others lots of small ones.Saturday next trip out with a new sounder.Saw very few ducks so far.

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