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Just had an unbelievable summer fishing walleyes in the river.


One of the reasons I concentrated on them was the lack of an early season perch bite for me. My partners and I couldn't buy a good day in our best spots. They finally concentrated on northerns and I on the eyes.


Hoping the fall turns around because as the days cool off I'd rather fish earlier in the day vs my evening walleye fishing.


From what I've heard, I'm not the only one who just couldn't find them this year. Has anyone had any luck on the river lately? 




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FYI...we had the same season. Great walleye season with a horrible perch and smallmouth. My normal ice out spots for perch didn't produce, and I really had to work to get a few smallies. Soft shell crabs were the best for the bass along with watermelon senkos. Nothing worked for perch.

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