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Rod holder for Cannon Swivel base


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So I bought a boat with 4 electric Cannon Mag 10's on it.  I will never use all 4 at the same time and I do a lot of fishing that a regular rod holder would work better for me.  I was thinking I could rig something up that would attach right to the existing cannon swivel base and attach a triple rod holder to it....My question is has anyone ever done this before? Do they sell anything that will mount right on the base? Thanks!

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I did something like that  this spring with my Scotty's. Made plates to go between the swivel base and the riggers out of 3/8" thick aluminum. I cut the curvy shapes  with a jig saw.... it takes a while, but I got exactly what i wanted, and mounted a Trax-Tech single rod holder on them.  I made templates out of some heavy cardboard first to get the shapes right. .



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